22 August 2023

Public beta

This service was launched as a public beta, available to all users. Until this date it was in a private pilot phase, available only by invitation.

3 August 2023

Changes for clients aged under 18
Means test review

From 3 August 2023, clients aged under 18 will not need a means assessment for certificated work matters or controlled legal representation (CLR) matters. For all other types of controlled work and family mediation matters, clients under 18 must have a full means assessment if any of the following apply:

  • their means are aggregated with another person’s, like a parent or guardian
  • they get regular income, like payment from a job
  • they have capital worth more than £2,500

25 July 2023

Self-employed clients

This service now supports clients (and their partners) who are self-employed, with the exception of self-employed company directors for certificated checks.

10 July 2023

Controlled work forms

When a controlled work check is completed, this service will add the results to a downloadable PDF for the civil controlled work forms that collect a client’s financial information:

  • CW1: financial eligibility for legal aid clients
  • CW1&2MH: legal help and controlled legal representation (mental health)
  • CW2IMM: controlled legal representation (Immigration)
  • CW5: financial eligibility form for clients wanting family mediation
  • CIVMEANS7: financial assessment for family mediation

15 June 2023

Guidance for clients in specific circumstances

Additional guidance added to support clients in specific circumstances:

  • prisoners, police officers, members of HM Forces, clients who are bankrupt and clients who live outside the UK
  • clarification on when the finances of applicants under 18 are assessed

6 June 2023

Changes to simplify the question flow for clients who have a partner

  • introduction of household questions (for dependants, housing costs, property and vehicles)

10 April 2023

Changes to dependant and partner allowance

Changes to dependant and partner allowances:

  • partner allowance increased to £211.32 (was £191.41)
  • dependant allowance increased to £338.90 (was £307.64)