16 April 2024

Get your check results quicker

We’ve updated the check so it tells you earlier on if your client goes over a limit.

If they are over the limit for gross income, you can skip questions about outgoings and capital and go to the end of the check to download the result.

If a client is over the limit for gross income, they are not likely to qualify for legal aid.

8 April 2024

Dependant and partner allowances have been increased

  • Partner allowance is £224.87 (was £211.32)
  • Dependant allowance is £361.70 (was £338.90)

20 March 2024

Results page problem

Status: Resolved 20 March 2024 11:48


An issue has been identified where if a client is over the eligibility thresholds for gross, disposable income and capital, the capital key totals box on the results page is incorrectly displaying as within the threshold. This is a visual error only and the overall result is correct.

We are actively working to resolve this.

19 December 2023

Additional questions for clients aged under 18

We added questions to explain the rules on means assessments for clients aged under 18. Previously these rules were covered by guidance on the start page, but the new questions will ensure these clients are supported without any reliance on reading and fully understanding the guidance.

7 December 2023

Asylum and immigration problem

Status: Resolved 7 December 2023 10:34


The problem has been resolved.


An issue has been identified meaning that any asylum and immigration eligibility check can not currently be completed.

We are working to resolve the issue.

1 December 2023

Welsh language controlled work forms

For controlled work and family mediation checks, this service now allows providers to add their answers to Welsh language versions of controlled work (CW) forms.

Ffurflenni gwaith rheoledig yn y Gymraeg

Ar gyfer gwaith rheoledig a gwiriadau cyfryngu teuluol, mae'r gwasanaeth hwn bellach yn galluogi darparwyr i ychwanegu eu hatebion i fersiynau Cymraeg o ffurflenni gwaith rheoledig.

23 November 2023

Controlled work forms additional property - outstanding mortgage field problem

Status: Resolved 23 November 2023 16:30


We have resolved the issue.

23 July 2023 09:28

An issue has been identified meaning that for clients who have a non-disputed, additional property, any outstanding mortgage amount entered into CCQ for that property was displaying as '0' on any downloaded controlled work (CW) form. No calculations or eligibility results were affected.

11 October 2023

Entering dependants and viewing results problem

Status: Resolved 11 October 2023 10:22


The problem has been resolved. We are continuing to monitor closely for any further issues with the service.


There is currently a known issue with entering the number of adult and child dependants and viewing the calculations on the results page. This is actively being worked on.

22 August 2023

Public beta

This service was launched as a public beta, available to all users. Until this date it was in a private pilot phase, available only by invitation.

3 August 2023

Changes for clients aged under 18
Means test review

From 3 August 2023, clients aged under 18 will not need a means assessment for certificated work matters or controlled legal representation (CLR) matters. For all other types of controlled work and family mediation matters, clients under 18 must have a full means assessment if any of the following apply:

  • their means are aggregated with another person’s, like a parent or guardian
  • they get regular income, like payment from a job
  • they have capital worth more than £2,500

25 July 2023

Self-employed clients

This service now supports clients (and their partners) who are self-employed, with the exception of self-employed company directors for certificated checks.

10 July 2023

Controlled work forms

When a controlled work check is completed, this service will add the results to a downloadable PDF for the civil controlled work forms that collect a client’s financial information:

  • CW1: financial eligibility for legal aid clients
  • CW1&2MH: legal help and controlled legal representation (mental health)
  • CW2IMM: controlled legal representation (Immigration)
  • CW5: financial eligibility form for clients wanting family mediation
  • CIVMEANS7: financial assessment for family mediation

15 June 2023

Guidance for clients in specific circumstances

Additional guidance added to support clients in specific circumstances:

  • prisoners, police officers, members of HM Forces, clients who are bankrupt and clients who live outside the UK
  • clarification on when the finances of applicants under 18 are assessed

6 June 2023

Changes to simplify the question flow for clients who have a partner

  • introduction of household questions (for dependants, housing costs, property and vehicles)

10 April 2023

Changes to dependant and partner allowance

Changes to dependant and partner allowances:

  • partner allowance increased to £211.32 (was £191.41)
  • dependant allowance increased to £338.90 (was £307.64)